Indigenous Governance Development: a forum to map current and future research and resource needs

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 to Wednesday, 30 July 2014

AIATSIS, in collaboration with the newly established Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI), held a successful national forum Indigenous Governance Development: a forum to map current and future research and resource need.

The Forum was attended by over 40 participants from across Australia spanning a wide range within the governance sector debated current research, tools and resources and identified needs for future development. Highlighted was the excellent networking opportunity for people coming from the Torres Strait, Kimberley, Alice Springs, Darwin, Adelaide and many other places to meet with representatives from PM&C, Australian Leadership Centre, National Congress, National Native Title Council and ORIC just to name a few.

Information collated from the pre-workshop survey combined with informative presentations to ensure the Forum provided valuable data, a sharing of knowledge, experiences and stories, ideas for future forums, knowledge exchange, future research projects and collaborations.

Preparatory material

In preparation for the Forum a background paper was prepared by Dr Diane Smith and Toni Bauman with assistance from Robynne Quiggin. It aimed to provide some context for participants at the Forum in thinking about Indigenous governance research, development and related practical resources and draws on a wide range of relevant research and reports by a number of authors and organisations so as to cover key themes, perspectives and issues for discussion. 

AIATSIS and AIGI also conducted a pre-forum survey entitled A short survey: mapping Indigenous governance research and resources that focussed on the identification of current activities, gaps and future priorities in governance research and the practical resources derived from it. A collation of survey results and their analysis was prepared as documents for various Forum sessions and are available here:


Day 1 - 29 July 2014

Day 2 - 30 July 2014


Read the news article from the forum.




​Toni Bauman, Senior Research Fellow at AIATSIS in Governance and Public Policy writes about the Indigenous governance forum she recently facilitated.

Governance is the key to achieving Indigenous outcomes, including those relating to education, health and social and emotional well-being and employment outcomes. This means not only Indigenous governance but also the governance of governments and the decision-making process of both.

On 29 and 30 July AIATSIS held an Indigenous governance forum titled Indigenous Governance Development: a forum to map current and future research and resource needs in collaboration with the newly established Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI).

The forum, and a pre-forum survey, aimed to map current research and practical resource initiatives in Indigenous governance, and identify future needs. The two day event was attended by a diverse group of over 40 participants from across Australia working in Indigenous governance at local, regional and national levels across a range of sectors.

Participants included researchers from a number of universities, trainers, consultants, and government including representatives from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Australian Leadership Centre, the Productivity Commission, Australian Security and Investment Commission, National Congress, the National Native Title Council and Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations to name a few.

Participants considered the opportunity to network, share stories, and collaborate as highly valued. A range of topics for future forums were also identified.

The challenge is to now collate and analyse the rich and extensive data emerging from the forum and the pre-forum survey, including suggested research topics to inform strategic thinking for AIATSIS’s future governance research agenda. Related documents will be widely circulated and published on the web.

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