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Title Presenter/s Date
Deficit Discourse in Indigenous Education Benjamin Wilson, Dr Bill Fogarty, Prof Michael Dodson AM, Scott Gorringe, Dr Lisa Waller, Dr Kerry McCallum 21 Mar 2017
Beyond the white Toyota: Searching for meaningful engagements with remote Aboriginal Australia Dr Eva Mcrae-Williams, Tammy Abbott, Associate Prof Sheree Cairney 21 Mar 2017
Collaborative Indigenous Research Initiative (CIRI) University of Canberra Prof Peter Radoll, Dr Peter O'Brien, Dr Scott Heyes, Noeleen Lumby, Dr Kerry McCallum, Dr Jo Caffery, Tess Ryan, Margaret Somerville, Dr Fiona Dyer 21 Mar 2017
Re-focussing qualitative research: perspectives of health services researchers Dr Angela Dawson, Prof Kathleen Clapman, Joanna Mason 21 Mar 2017
Governing by numbers: the construction and publicity of deficit metrics in Indigenous education Dr Kerry McCallum, Tess Ryan, Dr Michelle Dunne Breen, Dr Jo Caffery 21 Mar 2017
In the flesh: infrastructure and research access Dr Vanessa Russ 21 Mar 2017
Innovation and cultural capability Craig Ritchie , Dr Lisa Strelein, Geoff Richardson, Toni Bauman 21 Mar 2017
Return, reconcile, renew: understanding the history and effects of repatriation Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Annelie De Villiers 21 Mar 2017
Experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability: the numbers and the stories Michael Bullot, Scott Avery 21 Mar 2017
Day 1 - Impact keynote address: The ethics of engagement Prof Michael Dodson AM 21 Mar 2017
Embedding Indigenous voices at the State Library of New South Wales: Transforming practice through community engagement Monica Galassi, Kirsten Thorpe 21 Mar 2017
Opening the doors for Indigenous research students Warwick Padgham 21 Mar 2017
Return, reconcile, renew: understanding the history and effects of repatriation Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Annelie De Villiers 21 Mar 2017
Promoting the equal inclusion of Australia’s marginalised Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Associate Prof Clare Townsend 21 Mar 2017
Issues of impact: the return, renewal and publication of a Pilbara song Dr Mary Anne Jebb, Julie Walker 21 Mar 2017
Successful Indigenous student transition to secondary education Jacob Prehn, Huw Peacock 21 Mar 2017
The Interplay Wellbeing Framework: Building the evidence on pathways to wellbeing with community indicators from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote Australia Associate Prof Sheree Cairney, Tammy Abbott, Byron Wilson, Rosalie Schultz, Dr Eva Mcrae-Williams, Jessica Yamaguchi 21 Mar 2017
Wake up CALL! Maree Klesch 21 Mar 2017
No-one’s discussing the elephant in the room: Contemplating questions of research impact and benefit in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian health research Associate Prof Roxanne Bainbridge 21 Mar 2017
Reconciliation action plans and universities Prof Andrew Gunstone 21 Mar 2017
Engagement and Impact Sarah Howard 21 Mar 2017
True as nan: Recognising the authority of Aboriginal memory in our GLAM spaces Damien Webb 21 Mar 2017
Day 1 - Impact keynote address: Things have got to change Pat Anderson AO 21 Mar 2017
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data sovereignty in Australia: principles and practice Dr Ray Lovett, Maggie Walter, Dr Vanessa Lee, Associate Prof Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Prof John Taylor 21 Mar 2017
Research practice and impact in Indigenous values research Luke Smyth, Wally Stewart 21 Mar 2017
The National Competitive Grants Program: Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, research and writing research impact statements in grant applications Dr Fiona Cameron, Kylie Emery 21 Mar 2017
Permeable boundaries: The Stolen Generations, former child migrants and forgotten Australians Annelie De Villiers, Dr Karen George 21 Mar 2017
Using the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children to explore how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children grow up strong Maggie Walter, Associate Prof Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Associate Prof Karen Martin, Associate Prof Terry Dunbar 22 Mar 2017
Day 2 - Engagement keynote address: A proven methodology to solicit the views of people living in remote Australia Prof Tom Calma 22 Mar 2017
True Tracks: Indigenous entrepreneurship, Indigenous self-determination and Indigenous intellectual property Terri Janke 22 Mar 2017
The quality of qualitative research: impact and engagement in Indigenous longitudinal research and scholarship Olivia Guntarik, Vicki Couzens 22 Mar 2017
Connecting collections: old TI and the Right Wrongs referendum campaign John Morseu, Yanti Ropeyarn 22 Mar 2017
How does data impact on health policy and health outcomes? Bin Tong 22 Mar 2017
Understanding the central tension of Indigenous entrepreneurship: purpose, profit and leadership Dr Michelle Evans 22 Mar 2017
Imagining the archive of the future: community participation in transforming the archive Kirsten Thorpe, Associate Prof Karen Adams, Dr Joanne Evans, Dr Shannon Faulkhead 22 Mar 2017
Aboriginal success in addressing Aboriginal socio-economic disadvantage in the Australian city of Newcastle Dr Deirdre Howard-Wanger 22 Mar 2017
My experience as an Indigenous PhD student at CQUniversity, Australia Ngare Wilkinson 22 Mar 2017
‘Culture is a health asset’: how and why we need to measure the cultural determinants of health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Dr Ray Lovett, Associate Prof Sheree Cairney, Jasmine Lyons 22 Mar 2017
Community-level built environmental factors related to chronic and infectious diseases: strengthening evidence base for remote Indigenous communities Amal Chakraborty 22 Mar 2017
Toll-free pathways: writing Indigenous knowledge for an academic hearing Prof Brenda Machosky, Dr Jeanine Leane 22 Mar 2017
Ngapartji Ngapartji: an Aboriginal participatory action research approach transforming relationships between renal patients and renal staff in Central Australia Samantha Togni, Margaret Heffernan, Irene Nangala, Eileen Bonney 22 Mar 2017
‘Responding to the needs of our mob’: the Tackling Indigenous Smoking Program Dr Penney Upton, Desley Thompson, Tricia Pearce, Chris Cookson 22 Mar 2017
Researcher-community partnerships to reduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander drug and alcohol-related harms: lessons learned from multiple NDARC projects Alice Munro, Prof Anthony Shakeshaft, Dr Bianca Calabria, Bonita Byrne 22 Mar 2017
Us Mob Writing Samantha Faulkner, Joyce Graham, Brenda Gifford, Chella Goldwin 22 Mar 2017
Day 2 - Engagement keynote address: transformative research and self-determination Moana Jackson 22 Mar 2017
Participation in Aboriginal policy making: A case study in Walgett, New South Wales Dr Inara Walden 22 Mar 2017
The Ngurrara climate monitoring program: building partnerships through 2-way learning of traditional ecological knowledge and Western science Peter Murray, Marmingee Hand 22 Mar 2017
Converging pathways: community cultural heritage and university research Dr Jane Palmer, Angelia Walsh 22 Mar 2017
Garuwanga: forming a competent authority to protect Indigenous knowledge Prof Natalie Stoianoff, Associate Prof Fiona Martin, Dr Virginia Marshall 22 Mar 2017
A regional approach to Alcohol Management in Northern Australia: Mobility, supply chains and community control Prof Marcia Langton, Dr Kristen Smith 22 Mar 2017
Moving forward from the Community Development Programme: Informing policy change through collaborative research Dr Inge Kral, Dr Kirrily Jordan, Lisa Fowkes, Dr Will Sanders 22 Mar 2017
The cultural value of water to Australia’s First Peoples and the evidence that will influence modern day water planning and management including quantity and quality Bradley Moggridge 22 Mar 2017
Learning to lead and teach by doing collaborative Indigenous research Wendy Somerville 22 Mar 2017
Reclaiming the intellectual property of our ancestors: Indigenous collections research Dr Gretchen Stolte 22 Mar 2017
The public value of Aboriginal organisations in the Kimberley region Dr Julie Lahn 22 Mar 2017
Indigenous perspectives of the urban environment : an Indigenous-led research program Dr Cathy Oke, Maddison Miller, Associate Prof Libby Porter, Jason Barrow, Lauren Arabena 22 Mar 2017
Steps toward an inclusive research methodology for ‘at-risk’ youth Bep Uink 22 Mar 2017
Karajarri Cultural Database: reclaiming information and knowledge to inform land management and influence policy development Mr Sam Bayley, Mervyn Mulardy, Wynston Shovellor, Sylvia Shovellor, Anna Dwyer 23 Mar 2017
From engagement to impact: The Looking Forward Project Margaret O'Connell, Dr Michael Wright, Louise Hansen, Joanna Corbett 23 Mar 2017
Using the National Research Grants System to progress Indigenous organisations and Indigenous agendas Associate Prof Daphne Habibis, David Kurnoth, Penny Taylor 23 Mar 2017
Caring for community: Research collaboration between the University of Wollongong and the Illawarra Koori Men’s Support Group Prof Kathleen Clapman, Dr Scott Winch 23 Mar 2017
The nKPI data collection: background, findings, and progress Dr Tim Howle, Dr Michelle Harvey 23 Mar 2017
Lead My Learning and Ngukurr News: sharing two projects to demonstrate the potential of engaged collaborations Daphne Daniels, Nyssa Murray, Associate Prof Kate Senior, Prof Valerie Harwood 23 Mar 2017
Improvements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mortality: real or data artefacts Dr Clare Coleman 23 Mar 2017
Day 3 - Transformation keynote address Virginia Hart 23 Mar 2017
Being Indigenous in the Australian Public Service Dr Julie Lahn 23 Mar 2017
Red Dirt education leaders’ perceptions about what is important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education John Guenther 23 Mar 2017
Same words, different story: unpacking nine years of NAPLAN data for very remote Australia John Guenther 23 Mar 2017
Communication access in remote Indigenous communities Mr Matt Balogh, Dr Andy Johnston, Susan Locke 23 Mar 2017
A little piece of paradise: living the ‘good life’ on the Anne St Reserve in Broome from 1968 to 1982 Anna Dwyer, Dr Kathryn Thorburn 23 Mar 2017
Changing the Australian three-part test for proof of Indigeneity Emily Poelina-Hunter 23 Mar 2017
An evaluation of Education Curriculum for Perth Secondary Students About Wadjak Noongar History, Culture and Issues Dr Andrew Turk 23 Mar 2017
Indigenous research and social development among the Austronesian-speaking peoples of Taiwan Prof Hung-Yu Ru, Dr Shu-Yuan Yang, Dr Shu-Ling Yeh, Prof Su-Mei Lo, Dr Da-Wei Kuan 23 Mar 2017
Disrupting worldviews: Methodological and pedagogical issues in community-driven service learning Dr Gabrielle Russell-Mundine, Julie Maakrun, Prof Juanita Sherwood 23 Mar 2017
Developing a sustainable oral health service through an integrated community-centred approach within Cherbourg Aboriginal Community Mrs Taygan Tucker 23 Mar 2017
Core value belief systems and their critical importance for cultures today Nola Turner-Jensen 23 Mar 2017
Enhancing the role of learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia: Rhetoric to practice Majon Williamson Kefu 23 Mar 2017
Imagining a new way forward: a reciprocal research partnership for Indigenous thriving Prof Janet Mooney, Prof Rhonda Craven 23 Mar 2017
Ngunawal Language Project Dr Doug Marmion 23 Mar 2017
Preservation and access of the Wadeye audiovisual collection Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Mark Crocombe, Tom Eccles 23 Mar 2017
Impact, engagement, transformation Robyn Ober 23 Mar 2017
Aboriginal mothers in prison: what they have to say Prof Juanita Sherwood 23 Mar 2017
Indigenous participation in arts and cultural expression and the relationship with wellbeing Associate Prof Nicholas Biddle, Mandy Whitford 23 Mar 2017
Engaging community language researchers with Indigenous languages collections Mr Desmond Crump 23 Mar 2017
Nuclear waste dump proposals in South Australia: the case of Aboriginal perseverance and resistance in protecting country Dr Jillian Marsh 23 Mar 2017
Evaluating fluid rules: engaging Aboriginal men in codes for Life Michael Liddle, Ruth Elvin 23 Mar 2017
Development of the Manyjilyjarra – English Pictorial Dictionary of Landscape Terms Dr Andrew Turk 23 Mar 2017
Last reviewed: 18 Sep 2017