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Family History Research Success for Fred

Victor and Julia Leftwich

ResearchFamily historyCollectionPhotography

16 Aug 2017 Kayannie Denigan

As part of Family History Month, the AIATSIS Family History Unit has requested feedback from our clients about how they have been using the research materials and tools we provide them. Here is Fred’s story.

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Research wins within the AIATSIS Family History Unit

Sandy Mullett

Family history

11 Aug 2017 Erin Vink

As part of Family History Month, the AIATSIS Family History Unit has requested feedback from our clients about how they have been using the research materials and tools we provide them. Here is Sandy’s story.

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My PhD: From Protection to Welfare

Ashlen Francisco immersed in the Collection


31 Jul 2017 Ashlen Francisco

In late 2016 I was fortunate enough to be awarded the NIRAKN Yumalundi Fellowship to conduct research for my PhD at AIATSIS.

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Searching for Something About Emus

Family members of some of the Bininj contributors pictured here with editor Murray Garde

Literature and storiesIndigenous Australian Languages

5 Jul 2017 Murray Garde

I had been living and working in western Arnhem Land since the late 1980s and had learned languages which linguists now collectively refer to as Bininj Kunwok, so the obvious thing to do was to record the stories in the first language of those people who had expert knowledge about ngurrurdu or kurdukadji ‘the emu’.

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Revitalising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge

Archives and archivingResearch

16 Jun 2017 Dr Tran Tran, Nell Reidy

AIATSIS staff travelled to the Kiwirrkurra community to run the first workshop of a pilot project – ‘Keeping the Desert Stories Alive’

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My time as a Youth Parliamentarian


2 Jun 2017 Thaarramali Pearson

On the morning of the 28 March I received a call from the Australian Electoral Commission informing me that my application to the National Indigenous Youth Parliament (NIYP) had been successful, and that from May 23 – 29 I would be representing my elec

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The AFL's Aboriginal Origins

Etching by Gustav Muetzel after Blandowski, Haddon Library, Cambridge.


26 May 2017 Rita Metzenrath

Contention about the origins of Australian Rules Football has given rise to the ‘Football History Wars’. What are the arguments about and how does a new recent discovery change everything…?

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Family History Unit at the Queanbeyan Heritage Festival

Our Family History Unit

Family historyStolen GenerationsSorry Day

22 May 2017 Erin Vink, Family History Unit

On April 21st, the AIATSIS Family History Unit ran a ‘finding your family’ workshop as part of the Queanbeyan Heritage Festival offering basic family history training, information and support.

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Protecting Country, Serving Nation

Laying wreaths to commemorate those killed in Frontier Wars

War ServiceCeremoniesFrontier conflictNew ZealandANZAC DayBlack Diggers

5 May 2017 Rita Metzenrath

AIATSIS reflects on the first ANZAC Day march led by Indigenous Australian veterans in 2017

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Beginning to heal; the National Sorry Day Committee working papers

Reverend Dr John P Brown

National ApologyNational Sorry Day CommitteeSorry DayCollectionDigitisation

1 May 2017 Fiona Blackburn

Reverend John Brown’s donation of his National Sorry Day Committee working papers is available for use at AIATSIS. The Committee worked tirelessly from the release of the Bringing them home report in 1997, to 2008, to coordinate Sorry Day activities and so start a journey of healing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The papers convey the work that, in Reverend Brown’s experience, became totally consuming.

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