Noel Baker


Noel Barker, a Torres Strait Islander from Ugar Island attended the 2013 National Native Title Conference in Alice Springs and found a photo of his grandmother on the AIATSIS photo access database, Perfect Pictures. He subsequently obtained copies of further materials, including audio recordings from the early 1960s. Noel talks about the importance of finding such images in the Institute’s collections.

Noel Baker: Searching on the database, I found a photo of my grandmother. Only passed away recently in 2009. When I saw it, it just blew me away. Kind of reminds me because I came back home from Cairns in 1996. I was there for her 80th birthday in 1997. It's sad to see the photos it brings back memories, you think of the sad times and it's sad that they're gone but then again it makes you happy knowing that something like that is there.

It's something that will be there for generations to come. All the kids that were around that age they're all grown up now. They're 25 - 26 years old, when they have their kids it will be nice to show them. When they log on you'll say this is your great great great grandmother. This blew me away because they're two very special women in my life.