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Expression of Interest - Curriculum resource writers

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We are creating a pool of expert curriculum resource writers and an online bank of high-quality, culturally responsive curriculum resources developed from the AIATSIS Collection and linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Through a rigorous quality assurance process underpinned by the AIATSIS Code of Ethics, curriculum resources will support all educators to confidently teach about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. 

This project contributes to the AIATSIS Strategic Plan 2018-2023 priority by transforming peoples’ understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia and the AIATSIS Education Strategy 2021-2025 (PDF, 1195KB) goal to generate world-leading education resources aligned to the Australian curriculum

Ngurra Cultural Precinct

The recently announced Ngurra: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Precinct will be nationally significant in speaking to the central place that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold in Australia’s story. It will comprise two key and distinct elements:

  • A National Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Centre with new and expanded facilities for AIATSIS that empower and support  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to tell their own stories and celebrate the 65,000-year history of this nation.
  • A National Resting Place to house and care for repatriated limited provenance ancestral remains and any associated cultural material on their journey back to Country.

As part of the Ngurra Cultural Precinct, the education team will be pivotal in:

  • Establishing and delivering an engaging interactive experience, providing professional development through culturally responsive training and educational resources.
  • Making stories from the AIATSIS Collection accessible to Australian students and educators and developing educational content. 
  • Creating a transformative learning experience for all Australian students and teachers, when either visiting Canberra or through on-line training.

The AIATSIS Collection

The AIATSIS Collection contains more than 1 million items, dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. As such, AIATSIS has a unique and important opportunity to share Indigenous knowledges with Australian children and young people, as told by and through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices.

Requirements for curriculum specialists

Curriculum specialists must demonstrate the following attitudes, understandings, skills and attributes

  • A university teaching degree - either primary or secondary.
  • A demonstrated understanding of positionality.
  • Experience and evidence of writing high quality curriculum material related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content.
  • Completed approved cultural competency training (Educators that can demonstrate all other attributes, but have not completed cultural competency training, may be invited to access a complimentary Core Foundation course through AIATSIS).

Curriculum specialists will receive $1500 per resource, paid on final template endorsement. 

Apply now

Personal details
Do you identify as an Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander person?
Cultural competency
Have you completed cultural competency training?
Supporting documents
  • Current resume including curriculum resource writing experience.
  • One-page pitch or an example of your work that demonstrates your knowledge of the following:
    • How structural and institutional racism influences both curriculum and teaching practice.
    • Your understandings of the depth and breadth of racism, personal positionality, and implicit bias.  
    • Ways that colonisation, dispossession, assimilation, and the Stolen Generation(s) continue to affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ lives today.
    • How to identify and rectify deficit discourse and inappropriate terminology.
    • The diversity of and between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, languages and cultures.
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are intrinsically linked to culture and wellbeing, and the importance of language revival.
Please upload:

One file only.
7 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.

One file only.
7 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.