Notebook 3

Volume #3
Page #34

&My Caugh is littel
Better. But Bad
when weather is bad.
If I had a littel place
as that of Warner St [Clerkenwell]
I could I could live
better & also save.
as it is what I spent
for a dinner would
keep me in Better
clean & healthiar
food 2 days.
I eat very littel
food of this Place (S. Army)
for they are not

Volume #3
Page #35

norishing. But dirty
& what is more, at
the serving Bar a
White man first &
any thing will do the
Black, I have often
payed for food & left
untuched, such as
Eggs. Bacon. Potato
Those who serve
here are choosen from
realesed convicts.
Or on probation
no other Kind employed
the class that stay
here, as in all other

Volume #3
Page #36

common loodging
are recivers of
the doll. old age
pension,& such
who are a walking
mass of filth,&
the room's or places
they congregate are
like exhumed grave yard's.
If every thing care
fully cared for if
not they would
Vanish before your
very nose, for the
whole crowed [unclear]
in such & think

Volume #3
Page #37

such actions as
very smart.
Friday. Saturday &
Sundays are great
days of Drunken ness
& broil?, & this are
much to the front
by the Banded
Irish element.
If I was not on
probation, & nder
the Salvation army
Branch, they would
not allow a Black
man, I have
often been refuced
by this place &

Volume #3
Page #38

& other Salvation
Army Loddgings
I am staying here
since I left
Epsom, except
for a week when
I went to Bristol
with the hope getting [unclear]
of this Blackmans
Butcher land England
but I could not
live there becaus
of the Police
Percequition [persecution?] even
thoug I had a

Volume #3
Page #39

street Trading
licence. then
so I came back.
Through Mr F.M. Crawshaw Esp
I had to apear
before Sir E. Wild
at Old Baily when
where I heard
[2 lines crossed out – unclear]
much untruthful
carracter written
by F.M. Crawshaw Esq.
there by he did not
only place chains

Volume #3
Page #39

24-1-30 Friday
Wells St Stall Market
& About E.C. Mile End.
Jew's wer as usual
Selling things Very cheap
they are Shop Keepers
who come out to market's
as tray men (as I) or
sell off some other
Stall Holder Stall
& the Jew's (Forigner) all
way's make trade by
making fun of Some one
and attrack a crowed &
I am a [unclear] thing for
their use. All most allway
Why dont you go back to India
& Etc.

Volume #3
Page #40

about me
Through my
stupidity I gave
him not only
a chance to
chain my limbs
But a halter
round my
inocent neck.
I should have
continued my
life work by
deffending my
self as a Black
man. What is done
is done.
Every moment I

Volume #3
Page #41

Spend in thinking &
Serching some one who
would take up the casu
of Natives of Australia
But I am generally
made a Laughing
Stock of.
Before you recieve
this by Post. The British
manovered Slaughter of
the unarmed, &
Pleading Indians be in
as that is in Palastine.
England is Suing armed
Power's to protect her from
armed asult (War)

Volume #3
Page #42

all the
White she impudently
Slaughter & Plunder
in armed civalized
Nations of Aisa
who's Benevolance made
England & keep England
Saved "Drake" from
Spaniards & Portugeese & [French?]
& from the 1914 War
And England Broke every
Promis she made to Indians
& Other's of Asia, & Attempt to
do like wise to Italy, But
England found, althoug Italy
was a traiter in the war
yet Italy would be

Volume #3
Page #43

supported, & England's
move in Europe would
be exposed. So she gave
a way to Italy, By giving
to Italy the land's of Black
men who Saved England
& aleaniated Italy poverty
to Land, in the British
Scheem of murder & Plunder
which Italy is most ably
following up to the full
Satisfaction of Her Alley [ally]
England. By Murdering
men at Prayer & Slaughtering
women & children & Blaggarding
the Good name of the help

Volume #3
Page #44

&help less unarmed
Natives of Sudan &
Tripola. Look up
See How Loyd George
manage to make a
Traitor of Italy
& the Promiss made to
Italy, for Betraying
Her Honorabel allies
Austria, Germany
Secret Agreement.
and Also Look up the
Promises made to India
Egyet. By Loyd George
in 1914 Slaughter of