Notebook 3

Volume #3
Page #21

Saturday 18-1-30
North End Rd Stall
Market Yallen Green [poss Walham Green near Fulham Broadway]
No opposition Very Dull
Fair day.
half Breed Jew's Selling
Vegetabel off Barrow's
Very Hostiel attempted
asult all becaus I
sold some Toy's. I
Greened [grinned] & Bore all. The
Peopel very amused.
The P.C. all of them wer
keeping a Sharp eye on
me but did not object
to my Trading.
Coming & Going. Conducter's &
Passenger's. Insolent becaus I
am a Black.

Volume #3
Page #22

The Irish element at
the Salvation army
mainly ex Indian (or Some
of Aseas countrys) Very
Hostiel abusing Sayings
Not only where the[y] see
me, but in bed as well
No 274 Bed which is
at the foot of my Bed
piss his bed almost
every night especilly
on Friday & Saturday
night. he has been
changing the mattres of my
Bed And then he take a
delight in abusing me
I have Spoken to the office
of the S. Army but the[y] only Laugh.

Volume #3
Page #23

19-1-30 Stall Marke[t]
Nile St Hoxton.
Very Bright all day
No Opposition Fair
Trading. East End half a
day. I turned out of
a Publick hous in
Green St [(Melouse)?]
Italian refused to
serve me Refreshment
Because I am a Black
Jew's not speaking good
English, Roused on me
saying I was taking their
living away from them &
that I should be sent Back
to my country. Conducter
& the Rest of the Tram [unclear]

Volume #3
Page #24

Monday 20-1-30
Stall Market at
Barker's Arms in
Popolare St corner
Very much opposition
& selleing things under
cost price, yousing me
as a Forigner to the
country & appealing to
Support the Empire
They wer Forigner Jews
who could not speak
plain English.
The Jew Trade Spys
wer all ways about
watching & such actions
are taken against all
But Jew's.

Volume #3
Page #25

I allways picked up
for use empty
card Board Box
which all thrown
away & some Jews
asked me & I told them
I use them to carry
my trading goods as
I have no place to
leave them. since then
card Bord Boxes has been
Broken up. So I asked
a Jews Shop Keepers
to save me one, & I woul[d]
paye for the same.
They spoke to me as I was
a Mange dog & Refused.

Volume #3
Page #26

Tuesday 21-1-30
Very Fogey day.
Watney St & Wentworth St
& about. But no Trade.
In wentworth St the
Jews are banded more
than ever, the Fruit
Stall opposite Frankel?
& Levern takel (me about
my trading & living in this
country, takel me
Frankel & Leaven Butcher
Takel [tackle] me, my trading in
this country (you shouldn't
Be allowed amongs white & Etc
An old women pointing to
me Spoke in Jewish. Hostiel.

Volume #3
Page #27

22-1-30 [unclear]
Stall Market
Wilcox St [near Vauxhall]
Dull day Ragged
Trade, Better E.C.
Mile End.
In the Tube Very niggardly
made about the Indians
Chinese & other Asiatics
by those Work
in offices in Mincing
Lane [nr Fenchurch st] & very marked
insolent by Women &
men. There Versen [version] is that
England suporting
the asiatics is the
great caus[e] of England's
Poverty. and I am Well off Etc.

Volume #3
Page #28

Thursday 23-1-30
Seaton St Stall Market
Tottenham Court Rd
I was Bard by a
young Scotch P.C. from
Trading & Very Threatning.
Seaton St Market there
are forigner's so I do
better amongst these
market's which are
forigner's. The P.C. moved
me but not others.
Comming & going By the
Tram I was takin for an
Indian by the conducter
& Ticket Inspecter, & Some
Jews passengers. The
Indians must be [unclear] than
Slaves to Stand the White.

Volume #3
Page #30

you are dowing a
White man out of his
living you aught to
your country & sell
them not here, We got
to keep you in your
Country, & you come
here & live with
white peopel In your
country you wouldnt
be allowed to walk
on the foot path
See what we got to
put up with in
England. this is the
usual & allways backed
by ex soldier's & the
crowd is much pleased

Volume #3
Page #31

25-1-30 Friday
S. Army. Middelsex st.
To D.D. Jones Esq
most Honerd Sir
yours of the 19-1-30
was recieved by me
at 7.P.M. on 24-1-30
which was laing in
the office over 2 days
my name was not
shown on the List
posted outside nor
was I told of it, by
Chance I met a
member of the staff
going up the Stairs
& he told me of it

Volume #3
Page #32

When I claimed it
& was much surpri[sed]
& pleased when
I saw your hand
& Reading of it gave
me the only pleasure
I have ever known
in this land of Enemy
of Black men &
Slaughter of women
& Children, & Blood
succers of Trusting
But when I came
across 16/9 it made my

Volume #3
Page #33

&Tears wild in my
Your persistent &
Endles goodly thaughts
& deeds are more like
a Black, than a
White man.
I am enclosing the 18/9
same back to you
& retaining you ever
over glowing goodness
as that of THE
Prince Sidtathara
of Kapalawusthova