Notebook 2

Volume #2
Page #37

Monday 6-1-30 to D. Jones Esqr
I am sending these daily
notes to you, that you may
be abel, from your Great
Education & British Habits
youse them in your idel hours
compose something out
of these notes.
For a Black man who are
compeled by British arms
who are not Shot down outright
or Exsausted to death by
hard work & Slow Starvation
Are out lawed, & hunted as
a made dog, & murded
by Slow Starvation, &
Ravhishing the defenc less &
help less women & children
and England dont stop at
that, By the force of her
cowardly arms, She blagard
the good name of the Victims who
gave all She has, out of good nature.

Volume #2
Page #38

The Savage Glee of
of the Cannebelistic
feast of the Slaughter
of the Inocent Babys of
Bethelaham, Wer kept
up by the Christian
in great Gusto every
Even in their Rag’s
& Lice they wer
Voicefarating & Rejoycing
the Barbarick Slaughter
of the Babys
of Bethaleham by
Blagardin the Black they
the came across. [Codey’s?] [Lascars?]
or niggar & Etc wer their gusto.

Volume #2
Page #39

[From this point the journal is upside down, with the writing starting from the back cover, working inwards].
25th December 1929
Every where seen Drunken
Glee, open Imorality
I was abused by men
& Women & Children more
today than usual.
My Beard was pulled
I was kicked at & pelted
Hooted by children
Jew’s baught some
Toy’s of me.
The Black Bastard, the
Indian aught to be killed
We got to keep them in
there country & we are
starved to keep them.
He is dowing all Right
he will live on a handfull
of Rice, & Takes away our
mone[y] to India & Etc.
The Savage glee of the Slaugh[ter]

Volume #2
Page #40

Christianity came into being
by Slaughtering the Inocent
Baby’s of Bethleaham & Virtue
And Excists by Slaughtering
Inocent & Godlike peopel
of Asia. The unarmed Peopel
who worship a Spiritual God
Kindly deed’s Begoten of
Goodly thaughts.
Goodly Thaughts Begoten of
Nobel Ideal’s
Novel Ideal’s, Begoten of
High Aspirations
High Aspiration’s Begoten
of the Sacred Spiritual
Being, Good God, [Conscence]
There for Christin brutality
has Riden ruff shod over these
God Worshiping People of Asia

Volume #2
Page #40

The Moases Invented God –
is a creater of the Body
(Living Flesh) not a Spiritual.
Jew is the Enemy of mankind
Blood succer of Humanity
His wepin’s are weeping and
scheming, to win the
Sympathy of the [unclear]
& when won to make a
scapgot of the Simpathisers
From one end of the Bibel to
the other. The character
is evil designs to [unclear] [unclear]
the Trusting & the Inocent
The Jew, like the Spong [unclear]
succs up the [unclear] its
Fill & no more. (The Spong)
But the Jew’s Gluteny is
end less.

Volume #2
Page #42

do you Hear the Scream’s
Wailing & moanings of the Women
as they rushed to tear the cruuel
murderer to pices
Do you see how the cruuel
murderer’s, how then these
help less mother’s, aunties
Grandmother’s etc. hew them
down left & Right.
Do you see & hear how the
Farther’s Brothers uncles,
Grandfarther’s & Etc with a
revengefull roar pushed to
avenge their baby’s & Women-
folk. How they were moved
down & draged away in chains
for further punishment.
Do you see the sleeper’s of
Betheleam runing with the
Inocent Blood of the Inocent &
the help less.
This is the Rejocing of the Savage
Glee of the Christians.

Volume #2
Page #43

Paul the [Rapscullian’s?]
Christinity came in to being
by Slaughtering the Inocent Babys
of Bethelam, & in like
maner it exists
By slaughtering the Godlike
Inocent & Benevolent [Benefictus? = beneficiaries?]
of England. Native’s of Australasia
Natives America, & Africa
India, Etc etc All Asiatics
On the birth day of Christ
all the Baby’s from 1 day to 3 years
of age wer Slaughtered
Could the Belzebum himself
desire a more becoming Wellcom
Do you hear the scream’s of the Babys
Do you hear the thuds of the Body
& the head, fall upon the tormented
mothers Breast, as they wer
cut off by the Herrod’s butchers

Volume #2
Page #44
2. Christian Protest Committee Howard Hotel [Norfolk?] Street W.C.2 [there is a Howard Hotel in WC2 but no Norfolk street] call for contribution in Russia’s atempt to reedem it self From Christian & Jews Devilery 1. The Secretary the This is the 2nd Full Book of my daily notes I have Forwarded by Post to you The First on 3/12/29. When you finished with it It may Be [unclear] information to the above address.
Volume #2
Page #45

Those Who Embrace the
Teaching of Moses the Jew.
Jew can live with Every-
No Body can live with the Jew
Christinatey is the Hybrid
of Jewdesum [Judaism]
There for its being is a
Filth in adoration
Lice in profusen
White man's adolation
Murder & plunder in [exploration?]
Blasting the good name of who
Trustfull Victim
King Georges comadation
The Christian Propagation
12-12-29 Daily Mail
British commison in Palastine