Notebook 2

Volume #2
Page #25

25-12-29 Wednesday –
No Rain Dull
Watney St Stall market Very Poor
Boycott. Buy of a white man
P.C. Very keen on me in
Aldgate High St others Free
Wentworth St & Golston [Goulston] St
the only Place I am not
molasted in Great Brittan
for som time. But very
Scharp boycott, By the Jews
& Hybrid Jews.
Salvation Loddgin in Middelsex St
Official’s are anxious to Rid
of me. The Loddger’s of the
Irish element marked Insolenc
even in bed again I am
called a Black bastard & Etc
By the Bed 274 he also piss
the Bed again which Run
under my Bed & Soak every
thing that’s under my Bed.
I have said nothing to him.

Volume #2
Page #26

26-12-29 Thursday
Very Bright day Cold Wind.
Burdet St Stall Market.
Jew’s Children Baught some
thing. But not the dolls.
Walk about Whitechapel Rd
I was subjected to Insolence
and attempted asult by
gentiels. P.C. saw, But
walked away.
In the Tram I was taken for an
Indian. By conducter & moter-
man. & Subjected much
Indiganant Saying’s, which
amused the Females & the male’s
also joined in Blagarding the
Indians. I am Exhausted from
coughing. Feverish. All my nerves
in Trembel. No rest.
Salvation army refused to Warm
a littel milk I baught.
I have no means what ever from
this Land of Savages.

Volume #2
Page #27

27-12-29 – Friday
Green St Stall Market [near Upton Park]
Bright & Sunny day
Very Poor Trade, much
Shiriking My Beard Pulled
P.C. 2 Young Keeping watch
behind stalls.
Many women answred
Children, Buy off our own
Walked over to the Jew.
Mile end Whitechapel Rd
& about houses Streets
about houses
No Trade at all. boys &
girls you Arab go away
from here.
I saw 3 diferent lots of
P.C. Shareing out their
[tips?] quite a common
thing. P.C. Serjent’s & Inspecter
Where Jew trade.

Volume #2
Page #28

28-12-29 Saturday
My head is very aching &
dizy, The whole of my
Nerves are in vibaration
& Exhausted from coughing
I am short of my weekly
Loddgin rent
I must trade other-
wise I would rest.
White Lion St Stall Market E.C. [near Angel]
No opposition at first
as soon as I began to
sell, a Jew shopkeeper
Sent 2 mootcher’s who
stood each side of me
& I done no [unclear]
trade. They wer selling
cheaper than I could
buy. Salvation army
Loddger’s are waiting to
take me to pices.

Volume #2
Page #29

Sunday 29-12-29
Broadway St Hakney [Hackney]
Marsh. Stall Market
no competition But
Fair trading.
Conductor of the Tram
very Hostel refferance
about India. He has
been a Soldier in
India, As I am an
Indian, he stoped the
Tram & ordered me
out. Fine Bright
day. Windy.
Midday Rain.
I was pelted & insolent
& called a Black Bastard
by Irish & Jew half
Caugh very Bad. Very

Volume #2
Page #30

Monday 30-12-29
Wet drip all day – Wentworth St &
about Trading
all night caugh very Bad
Half Blind Jews & Irish
abused me in the dining
Hall becaus I was a black
Thretened to expell me from
this Loddging, Black Bastards
aught to be linched. they don’t
allow them in America
all Beacus I dont talk to any
one; or mix with them
& threat them to Bear’s [beers] & Etc.
I saw in wentworth St a poor
Woman & 4 Raged [ragged] Bare feet
Hungury Children hunted
away from sheltering By
men & women Jews
& England’s men & Woomen
were amused. I gave the
youngest child 2d which
was not taken up by the Peopel

Volume #2
Page #31

31-12-29 Tuesday 31-12-29
Fine & Bright Windy.
Wells St Stall Market
Not much opposition
Very Slow Trading much
Shiriking by ex Soldiers
from China & India
pulled my Beard &
take me for any country
of there Whims, & Blagarded me
also for a Italian.
At the Salvation Army Lodging
I had to take off my coat
Becaus of persistentley
Being Bullied & call
a Black Bastard & Etc but
he & his gang turn tail
& promised me violance
A cockied Salvation army
worker called me a dog
& other Similar names.

Volume #2
Page #32

Wednesday 1-1-30 Wet day
Watney St Stall market
as there is not
allowed to stop
after 1/2 9 o’clock
I with my cough
suffer very much
for I am oblidged
to dodge the White
Savage that delight
in Blagarding & Etc
the Black man
[Induverdgley?] the Black
man must not
defend himself. For
Nationaly he has no

Volume #2
Page #33

all day Fine Seaten Rd [poss. Sutton Row]
Near Tottenham Court Rd
stall market. Fair Trade
opposition, P.C. Contnually
harasing & watching me
Especelly when I made a sail
There are forigner’s about
this market. Not all together
I attempet to Speak to
Some Indians about the Latest
move of British Slaughter
Scheem in India
(The Lord Irwin’s Proclamation)
But they flee from me
as an pestelance.
Britance present move
of Slaughter in Asia
was designed in 1870 or
there about, After 1914 war
England Bended Europe to her

Volume #2
Page #34

Friday 3-1-30
Bright & Warm day Old Ford.
Roman Rd stall market [near Bethnal Green]
Very very Dull & much
provocation (remarks)
All night No 263 bed stiring
Strife against other Bed’s
me, with a view to Shunt
me from this Salvation Army
Lodging. he said so many times
all becaus I would not enter
into conversation with him
or any one else
My Cough & Feverish nature
got me very week. & the whole
of my body is a contunual
tumbel. As there is no
place to rest a while I am
oblidged to take to the
street’s by 9.30. A.M.
[&?] I seek shelter any where, there
I am follow up with the [England?]

Volume #2
Page #35

Saturday 4-1-30
Bright & Warm till 2PM
Plastow [Plaistow]. Near Abbey Arms.
Very prominent By saying
hardly any Trade Some
One allways watching
me, & Pass remarks at
any one who baught of me
By it off a white man, you
would sleep with him to
night & etc
I cam to East End Waist
Whitechapel. No sooner
I began trading I was
subjected to much Insolenc
all becaus I am a black
& Trading. I was asulted
with a walking stick
by an ex Indian soldier
I took the stick away &
knocked him down &
walked away. he kept on following.
This is England.

Volume #2
Page #36

Sunday 5-1-30
Fine day warm Very good Trading
No one Else competing many
Baught Becaus of the children [crying?]
P.C.Very watchfull. after a P.C.S
spoke with them the P.C. did not
haras me
Earl St Near Seven dial [Earlham Street, Covent Garden] Sunday
done away with. Except for the
Jew & Italian Shopkeepers.
Charles St (Kings Cross) St all
market also done with. But
the Jew & Italian Shop Keepers
are contenuing. much
Shireking from them, the Jew’s
wer very jelousley watching
my trading. These two markets
are mainly Forigner’s, & when
ever I traded in the above 2
Street’s I allways did Better than
any other part of Great Brittan.
They are closed now.