Notebook 2

Volume #2
Page #13

13-12-29 Friday Fine day
By P.C. 1023N told enimity
Bakers Arms Stall Market [Bakers Ave near Walthamstow]
in popalar Rd [Poplars Rd] seaver Boyott.
Did not take Tram expences.
Much Insolenc from employer
of the Tram & Buss who have
been in India & Palastine as
Soldier’s. Coming Back I was
Subjected to much heated
Insolenc from an ex Indian
Soldier. Becaus I could not
answer him in Indian when
he spoke to me in Indian
Language. Another abused me
as an arab.
Bed 263 with his usual
Inconveneanc of Being contrerey
in movement, sticking his
[har’s?] over my face [unclear]
I requested him to get into bed
from other sid[e], he said he wouldn’t
so I forced by his shaulders &
the whole white Tribe against me.

Volume #2
Page #14

14-12-29 Saturday
Broadway St Stall Market [not far from where AMF died]
Hackney Marses N.V. Bad
This morning some one Stole my
handkerchif after I washed
it from the Wash house, there
wer Irish element of old and young.
I saw it in the hand of an Irish
young man while at Breakfast
I wisley said nothing & I lost
my Belt in the same manner.
I Saw, Native of Ceylon as I came out of
the Salvation Lodging. He told me, he is
[Tramped?] Great Brittan & been to colonial office
India Office. he been & explained his
hardship, he is forced to under go as
he is (Black) not allowed to be employed
& he has no black peopel Setteled that he
could go to. & He wished the would send
him back. (So have I) They threatned
him & turned him out neither would
give him a British Passport.
I gave him usefull advice.

Volume #2
Page #15

15-12-29 Sunday
Broadway St Hackney Marsh
Stall market. Wet morning.
Much hostiel Nature from Jew’s
& Jew’s born here. Hustel me out
of my standing by there number’s
& jearing me as an Indian to the
Passer’s & would be customer’s
Go to India, eat your currey &
Rice. Come here & dowing us out
of Bread. They live on a handfull
of rice & take the money out of
the country. he is dowing well he
is loaded with money. (Yet I
am allmost starving). Hardley
any Trade.
I saw a groop of Indians they
listened to my experience of the
British Schum. But as I am
not a Mohomedean or a Hindoo
they were both supices & fear
of me.
274 Bed & the Bed at the Head flooded
my Bed with piss.

Volume #2
Page #16

Monday 16-12-29
This morning again an attempt
was made to rob my Trading
pack & Handkerchief by
the Irish Element as I
saw it. (it was a joke)
Very Large made Irishman (much
Tattoed) was blocking the doorway in
the wash house, he saw me. So I
asked him let me pass when he
replied you, you Black Bastard, I
challanged him. but he made way
& would not accept. 17.12.29 morning
market near abbey arms. No good
Pla[i]stow. The Jew’s done me out
of my standing & [unclear] me to
the crowed, as an Alien, dowing
the white man out of his bread. &
the crowd, supported him in Glee.
I went to buy some bred, I was refused
I went to buy some cakes for dinner
I was subjected much jearing.
I went to eat it with a bear [beer] where
I was made a mark by Jew Barman.

Volume #2
Page #17

Tuesday 17-12-29
Lambeth Walk Stall Market.
Keen boycott. Jew’s Promenent.
did not take expences.
I was Refused Dinners at
Charleys Restaurant.
Young P.C. Very active after
me. [Till?] P.C. Serjent wer
Comming & Going fro[m] Aldgate
by the under ground I was
subjected much Snubing &
remark’s (they wouldent be allowed
in America. Or any other country
in the [unclear] with white men
England is too free.)
I was much Insulted by
Barrow Venders & passer’s
why don’t you have a wash
when did you last wash
by Jews & Gentiels in Wenworth St
No Trade. P.C. [wer?] amused.

Volume #2
Page #18

18-12-29 Wednesday Fog
White Savage everey
where. Open Violence & [unclear]
in whitechapel Rd. crowed
Jew’s & all. wer for my
tormenter, all becaus I
I selling toys. A Black man
is not allowed to be employed
in any capacity [unclear]
or [shose?]. This morning
I wer blagarded in the wash
house & the [unclear] [unclear].
Fog not cold. Wentworth st
much insolent P.C. [unclear]
asking questions as [unclear].
Watney St Stall market.
Hostel nature by
former enemy. he is
[trading?]. the P.C. aid

Volume #2
Page #19

Thursday 19-12-29 Fog morning Fine day
Crisp St Stall market. Near
Blackwall Tunnel.
Seavear boycott, Jew’s Hustel me
out of every stand I stood.
These are Jew Trade watcher’s who
are there to watch the Trading
& Report to the Jew’s organisation
No body but the Jew must do the Trade
They will come & under sell. The
first Jew’s Shop will suply the
matereal. They do this cutting
out scheeming in joke’s, & Laughter
& scape-goating the crowd, & the
outsider. in apearenc there
Sympithy & Friendship as [unclear –less].
& the Police are ever ready to serve them.
(I was an Indian. Niggar. Arab. African
an Allian Black Bastard. whom England
got to keep.) any attempt to explain
is waist.We blacks are Bard & Bolted out of
earning a living, & our self [unclear]
to live is made a crime.

Volume #2
Page #20

Fine day
20-12-29 Friday
a very bad night of caughing
I called on 3 Releving officers. Before
I found the right. After much
talking & questioning he turned
out all Right with Letter to
Dr [Secauss?] Private adress in
[unclear] St [R Formales?] after feasting
there Eyes on the Black they [Banged?]
the door, I insisted & younger
Female. took & opened the letter
with no frindly feeling. And
an old male [dozy?] after
his [unclear] of ill nature he signed
the slip of admission to Bow Infirmary
where I was by 12.30
It is men nurses, go as you please
This 8 30AM. Saturday I have
not seen a Dr
Caughing very Bad. Sleeping
draught & Caugh mixture.

Volume #2
Page #21

Bow Infirmery wet day
21-12-29 Saturday
1st Ward, there wer laid out old men
& a Cina man, who are to come out
of that Ward to the grave (in all apearanc)
for they wer neglected by the
male nurses. When recquested
by the sick the answer is I am
busey now. (ex Indian Soldjers)
2nd ward full of [unclear] from the
[sorer?] of the pations. My cough
very Bad. (It was 32 Hours before the Dr came)
Dr came after 4 P.M. Care
less examanation. But very
[munute/minute?] questioning about
Australia. & my private &
personal. I made answer whites
wer Australian’s & me not.
And it was said Dr was an
Australian. So
As I have escaped Britis
Butcher & England’s [Lagarracy?]
so far that I would not [give?]
this [unclear] murder the chance [unclear] it.

Volume #2
Page #22

Sunday 22-12-29
Morning wet. half a day trading
in Wentworth St & Mile end White-
chapel Rd
Christians much schiriking
& Boycotting, a few Jew’s Bought
some thing. Very Poor, & ill.
I was subjected much insolenc
from employed jail Birds at the
Salvation army Hostell in
Middelsex St all Becaus
the mattress of my bed was
taken away & piss Soaked
mattress put in its place
this was the 3rd time & Becaus
of that I am suffering from
this Bad cold.
after much insolenc by them
& Reporting an old man of
the Staff put a very dirty
mattress in the Place of the
piss soaked one & Promised a
Better one tomorrow.

Volume #2
Page #23

Monday 23-12-29
up to 2 P.M. not wet.
Rath Bone Stall market. Jew
Hostielaty. They would have
no one but themselves live.
I gave some Poor children
Some toyes & farthings also
to women & Children too Poor
to buy. This set the Jew’s
& others against me.
See he is dowing all Right
he gets it off us, the Black
Bastard, aught to be sent to
his country. Not come here
to do white man ought.
I am dowing no trade. Since
last July when I Stared
Trading & had £7.15. Now
Even with all my care I have
not 19s yet I try wet or
Fine from day light to dark
at Salvation army they are
Waiting as an Hungury Tiger.
I am Ill. Cough & Feverish

Volume #2
Page #24

24-12-29 Tuesday-
Well’s St Stall Market [not far from Tottenham Court Road]
Sevear boycot, I was
used by Jews & gentiel to
further the Empire makeing
[Scheem?]. No matter who I
changed to they were after me
like fly’s to the milk.
I was asulted 3 times, on
tram & about the Streets, Beside
the usual liberal insolenc
No. 274, & 252 Piss their Beds
& they have changed the mattres
of my bed 4 Times. Becaus I
insisted in having my mattres
changed to a dry one. The
274 Bed man called me a
black Bastard, aught to be
hunted out of here & the
Country long ago
My caugh us very Bad
I hardly got strength to walk