Notebook 2

Volume #2
Page #1

3rd 12-29
Tuesday. Bridge Rd Market
Battersee [Battersea]
Opposite, a chapel. corner
of Simpson st
a Vegetabel Stall
Holder abuse me as he usually do.
he take me for an
Indian & he has been
a soldjer in India
going in to the market
& coming out of the
streets I was pelted&
Hooted & spit at by
Stall Holders
P.C. Sergent & P.C.
Inspector & a P.C.
watched me very
closely for some ti

Volume #2
Page #2

Wednesday 4.12-29
Burdet Rd [Burdett Road, near Limehouse] Stall market poor
no competition. Fine day.
much shirricking as I pass
stall. Thus Valla Vall Va-la.
Succka Bona, wash yourself
White. Arabs should be
mascard [massacred]. Go to India. he
is dowing well in this country
(yet I am starving.) & they know.
[unclear] P.C.s were watching me
Younger police men aproched
me later and acosted me
as an Indian. Spoke in Indian
as I could not answer him in
Indian Language. I answerd him
in English. but he kept on in
English, Blagarding the Indians
they wer only allowed to come near a
white man to clear his Boots &
Etc Etc of the usual.

Volume #2
Page #3

Thursday 5-12-29
Heavily raining attempted
trading. Montigue [Old Montague St, nr Brick Lane] stall market
about the streets Wentworth [which becomes Old Montague Street]
But no good.
I was subjected at Breakfast
& at dinner time at the Salvation
lodging Middelsex st by
young Irish men & mootchers
that generally Hang about
Pelting Paper wads & dirty
remark Indians & Niggers
amongst white men.
to the general amusement of
the Rest of the crowd, who generally
supported the Ruffians.
Bed 263 very Hostil last night
for the third time all because I
would not talk to him or any.
And the Bad cold I got through
sleeping on a piss soaked
mattress. I reported many times
but no use.

Volume #2
Page #4

Friday 6.12-29
Not wet. Rathbone Stall market [near Canning Town]
as every where jew domanating.
People very emacated Children
Exhausted for want of nurishment.
The same Jew making fun
of me to the Peopel. This happens
every time I visit. As I told
him if his behavour did not
sees I would give him what he
deserved. The Jew’s have done
what they will with the white
man. but he would not do the Same
with the Black Englishmen.
The same jew & others make a
Scape Got of the Indians that [unclear]
I gave a white man at Salvation army
food 7d ticket to get a meal. he was
chewing a dry crust. As he had
no knife or fork. I gave him 2d to
get them on deposit & Return the
2d when he is done. But he did not
He kept the money

Volume #2
Page #5

Saturday 7.12-29
Welsh St Stall market. Very poor.
very Windy. But not cold.
Dinner at a restaurant. as
soon as I entered Half Blind Jew
(a match seller) commenced
making indigent Remarks. This
he do where ever he see me.
even on [Thams?]. So I spoke to him
not to continue, as I have no wish
to get into any troubel over him.
the Whole of the peopel in the Restaurant
enjoyed & favered him [unclear] & Etc.
Three policmen spoke to me
in Indian Language, & there
opinion allone is enough to
convinc British Brutality
in India.
At the Salvation army Lodging
the white young man I gave
worth of 7d food tickets because
the usual British Insolence for
he thinks I am to be [unclear]

Volume #2
Page #6

Sunday 8.12-29
Rain & showers. Market
Watney St stall
Very dull Trade. P.C. agrisive
after a Stall Holder my
former enemy spoke to
the P.C. 393.H
The Stall Holder’s Brother
again, insolent & boycoting
Saying he took my Brother’s
address. The Black Bastard.
how am I to earn my living
for I am bared from every
market st trading in
the Streets of London By P.C.
& no use appealing to
the P.Stations. Usal answer
Go back to your country. We
dont want you in England
if you answer them. if you
don’t go you will be put in

Volume #2
Page #7

The Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd page
has Sliped off from the Book & I copy the Same
Sunday 1.12.29
Wet all most the whole day.
Watney St Stall Market.
Much boycot & insolent remarks
by Stall Holder’s.
Irish & Jew’s Women including
By the man & his kind, once
through a police man I took his
name & address with the intention for
summoning persistent Boycot & Insolent Remarks
[unclear] the matter. I went to the
Commercel [Commercial] St P.Station. There I saw
Detective Inspecter about it. &
he advised me not to take it before
a majistrate. But he would see
about it. & I kept away from the
market for fear of him.
A man claiming to be his Brother
attempted to asult me in
Wentworth St as I was going to
my Loddging. he is got lot of money

Volume #2
Page #8

Monday 2nd Dec. 1929
Green St Stall Market [between East and West Ham]. allmost
all day wet.
Very seavear Boycot. hardly
any trade
I was hunted out of a side
street from sheltering from
rain. By the order’s of a Jew
Banna Seller – opposite the
Two Jew’s young man followed
me & threatened me up to
the tram lines, where I took the
tram (about Last [unclear] [unclear])
The Buss Conducter’s Bard
me. Saying no Niggers.
You would be allowed in

Volume #2
Page #9

9-12-29 Monday
Very wet day about
Whitechapel. Not one
penney taken.
where ever I took shelter
Irish cockney, or Irish
men followed. & the would
talk about India in a Niggardly
manner. They have been
Soldiering in India, & very
Hostiel to me. They are
under the impreson I
am doing well in this
country. & I should Spend
money on them they often
ask me to stand drinks
insted of hating these Whites
I am allmost every day
give to children, women & men
some money, food or Toys.
Not out of fear. But out of
my Black Heart. that England

Volume #2
Page #10

10-12-29 Tuesday
Tottenham Court Rd
[Sexton?] St Stall Market. Not
very Bad trading there are
The moment I got out of the
Tram & on to the pavement
some Irish council Employes
passing saw me, & they
cursed me, The Indian
Bastard, dowing the White
man ought of his Bread.
On the Tram coming & going
was subjected [unclear] from
conducter’s & Passenger’s
who were (Genaralley Indian
African [unclear] and
Arab ex soldier’s) Remarks
he wouldn’t be allowed amongst
white men dirty Black dogs
aught to be extrimated [exterminated?], we
have to keep them & Etc Etc

Volume #2
Page #11

11-12-29 Wednesday
Stratford Stall Market
Very dull no competition
(a [perfect?] Boycot). Workers
midday passing much
insolent remarks. about
forigner’s & Black Bastards
are dowing well in this
country & Etc Etc
Went to a working man’s
restaurant. The moment
I entered, the whole crowd
Started remarks, Laughing &
all Becaus I am a Black.
A young P.C. kept a
serching Watch on me after
a Sergent & a Stall holder
Spoke to him
Going & coming from Stratford
to E.C. I was subjected to
much insolents from the
conducter. He & ex Indian Sold [soldier]

Volume #2
Page #12

12-12-29 Thursday Fine
Burdet Rd Stall Market
Not much good. the
Jews are combined & Hostiel
for I am an arab to them.
The Christian are too poor
& easly follows the Jew.
At the Salvation Army
Loddging. Middelsex St
at a Specal meeting I
was pointed out by the
[unclear – Stucal?] man – Brigadear –
& at the meeting I was
called a Black Pig by
the convert’s.
Wentworth St Maxwell
the Jew Cheesmonger &
Fruit Stall along side
his, continue to boy-
cot me to the customers