Notebook 1

Volume #1
Page #12

Wednesday 7-11-29
Rain. [unclear] at
Wentworth St usual
Salvation army
Specal meeting.
International Collage
cadet. Coon not
singing. I was the only
Black man
& they spoke Blacks wer
as Savages & Inferior things
Filth in adoration
Lice in profueson
White man’s [Grandiosen?]
the Christian adolation

Volume #1
Page #13

Thursday 8-11-29
Burdet Rd a new
police man watchd
me, hiden & came to
me and told me I
was not allowed to
work in the market.
Wentworth St Jew’s
women said [unclear] to go
to his own country
& Baught off another
White man

Volume #1
Page #14

Friday 9-11-29
Caning Town market [Canning Town]
very [Strange?] the P.C
consulted a Serjent
& Left me alone.
as I was buying
my stock. this&
Jews said these
aliens aught to
be deported for
they come here to
do the white man
[unclear] of a living

Volume #1
Page #15

Saturday 10 11-29
[Lucerns?] Cresent, Hampsted.
Very [Dragey?]. Much Insolent
of the usual from half Bread
Jews & Irish. & Set children
for to bully me. 2 Women
offered one penny each at different
time, and I notice that an
P.C. came out of a shop, or from
behind a stall. I have
been wondering. the above
to move refered move.
And Women & men in a pub
where I went to get a drink of Beer
I was told to get to hell out of
England. that England go to
keep us & Civalised (took
me for an Indian and they
wer mostly Indian Soldiers.
& also a Tram conducter of the
No 5 Tram.

Volume #1
Page #16

Sunday 11-11-29
Seven dial Market
Rain. No Stalls of the Jews. No trade.
Mile End Waist.
Italian chesnut seller’s. There he
is the Black Bastard dowing a
white man.
Jews at MiddSex st the dog
aught to be well wased [washed?]. Come
here to do us out of a living.
I spoke to the Bed Booking
Clerk, to change my bed as it
is swamped with [unclear]
sleepers’ piss runing under
my bed, and wetting my bed
clothe’s & my cloths under the
bed. he said he would do
but paid no further notice
for the 5th time since June
he again dun me on the
weekley ticket (5d). Last 8d.

Volume #1
Page #17

Monday 12-11-29
Hasel St. Watney St. Wentworth St.
Mile End Waist. Light Rain
no sale.
Jew’s & Gentil’s united against
me. These arab’s aught
to be killed. I would only
there are so many
Black Bastard aught to
be washed.
274 Bed Piss for the last 3 nights
it run’s under my bed 264. & collects
at the head of the Bed 265. in
a pool, the floor is Soaked,&
Remains, no 251 Bed Piss
collect at the hed of my bed.
The smell of the Room is like
exhumed grave yard with the
addition of a piss [unclear] Pool
no amount of reporting does any

Volume #1
Page #18

Tuesday 13-11-29
Wells market. The fish
stall, here he is. The
Black Bastard, aught to
be sent away to his
country. we got to keep
them. Women to crying
children not off him.
The Jews in petticot [Petticoat] Lane
a shopkeeper (Forigner)
you black Beast. you
are the dirt (pointing
to the ground. Your type
should be killed.
had no sleep. from drunken
noise & the smell of an
exhumed grave yard&
decomposed urinel
smell. As I am a Black
man I could not get
Lodging even in common

Volume #1
Page #19

Wednesday 14-11-29
Stratford Angel lane
& about.
Sevear boycot Black
Beast by women these
forigners come to our
country & rob us of
our bread.
Man go to your Country
you Black Bastard
you Indians should be
& the Jews you [unclear] [unclear]
Arab. I will kill you.
Wound’t serve me in
Fried Fish shop.
Salvation Bed Room
in drunken comotion
smells like exhumed
grave yard & a fermented
piss hole. no rest.

Volume #1
Page #20

Thursday 15-11-29
Chatsworth Rd [prob in Hackney]
Stall Butcher & girl almost
asulted me the [unclear] of
women & men Hostiel but
the boy’s & girl’s against
me they pelted soft [mitels?]
at me. all because I
am a black man.
I stood at the corners of
the street near the
Butcher’s stall.
This was braught about
by a Jew stall Toy
stall on the street
[unclear] of the same [unclear]
a Jews Wentworth st
go to your country Bk B.
Go to India and Coat Rica [Costa Rica]
You come here to do us etc.

Volume #1
Page #21

Friday 16-11-29
Plaistoe [Plaistow]
market & Etc. as all over
England, Indians are
much hatted. and are
the only allien
especally by the Jews
The P.Cs Hunt all
Blacks as mad dogs
& twice so the Indians
on sight a black
man is gearead [jeered?]&
a every form of
Niggardly nature
adopted. he must
not realeat [retaliate]. all
most every man
has been Soljering
in India.

Volume #1
Page #22

Saturday 16-11-29
all day Rain. Stood in a
Sheltered way with a view
to Trade. But the moocher’s
arrived in number’s.
I closed up for they wer
making rain a good Ecuse
to beg of the passers, wearing
Servis Badges.
The moocher’s arrived arrived
latter at the Salvation army
Dining hall, drunk & flushed
with money Fighting&
cowerling amongest them
selves. Much the same
in the Large Bed room
No sleep or rest for me.
The Jew’s are good
marked by the moocher’s
of the E.C. & goes well.

Volume #1
Page #23

Chalton St. St Pancras
much competion all round
me. The sold out early
P.C. keeping a Keen watch
on me. (Very Poor for me)
Wentworth Rd no good
Mile End waist did a littel
but did not take expences.
I was repetedly subjected
to much Insolent & boycot
started as usual by
the Jew’s stall holders.
at the arm
Salvation Army quarters
I was signeld [singeled] out for
by former Soldjes. abused
for being an Indians, or
an africans.