Dr Mary Anne Jebb

Dr Mary Anne Jebb
Research Fellow.

Mary Anne Jebb joined AIATSIS in 2014 as a Research Fellow. She is a historian whose PhD integrated oral historical and ethnographic research methods with written documentary textual analysis to uncover histories of a region of Australia where few people recorded their experiences in writing. It was published as Blood, Sweat and Welfare in 2002, for which it received the Keith Hancock History Award.

Mary Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in history from Murdoch University, and a PhD in History from Murdoch University.

She has held academic lecturing and research positions at Murdoch University, Notre Dame (Fremantle), the University of Western Australia and the Australian National University, with many years living and working in remote regions of Western Australia. Her research creates contemporary historical recordings and products for preservation with AIATSIS, as well as drawing on AIATSIS heritage collections for collaborative history productions. She has a particular interest in concepts of curating your own history and evaluating the impacts of digital history technologies like sound recordings, film, photographs, exhibitions and web based archives on Indigenous peoples' histories.



  • 2012 Museums Australia Award for Best Australian Exhibition (MAGNA Award) (Curator) and Museums Australia Award for Best Permanent Exhibition (Curator) Burlganyja Wanggaya: 'Old People Talking'
  • 2009 Shortlisted for the Western Australia A Premiers Award, (Mowanjum).
  • 2009 Special Commendation Margaret Medcalfe Award (Mowanjum).
  • 2009 Janet Holmes a Court Residential Fellowship Manning Clark House.
  • 2004 WK Hancock History Award (Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2003 Shortlisted New South Wales Premier's History Award (Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2002 Shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Literature Award (non-fiction award  — Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2002 Shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's Book Award (Nettie Palmer Prize — Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2002 Shortlisted for the Western Australian Premier's Book Award (Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2001 Australian History Association Centenary of Federation Publication Award.
  • 2000 Western Australian History Foundation Publication Award.
  • 1996 Shortlisted for the West Australian Premier's Award (Emerarra)


  • Jebb, M.A., with Malcolm Allbrook 2017 (in press) Carlotta’s Perth: memories of a colonial childhood, City of Perth.
  • Jebb, M.A., with Malcolm Allbrook 2017 (in press) Valda Blundell, Janet Oobagooma etal, Barddabardda Wodjenangorddee: We’re Telling You, Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation, (Fremantle Press Print).
  • Jebb, M.A., Editor with Ann McGrath 2015  Long History Deep Time; Deepening Histories of Place, Aboriginal History Monograph Series, ANU Press, Canberra. 
  • Jebb, M.A., 2008 Mowanjum 50 Years: A Community History, Mowanjum Aboriginal Community.
  • Jebb, M.A., 2002 Blood, Sweat and Welfare: A History of White Bosses and Aboriginal Workers, UWA Press.
  • Jebb, M.A., 1996 Editor, Emerarra: A Man of Merarra, Magabala Books, Broome.

Dr Lawrence Bamblett

Dr Lawrence Bamblett

Dr Lawrence Bamblett is a Wiradjuri man from New South Wales and a lecturer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History in the School of History at the Australian National University.

Laurie is a Visiting Research Fellow at AIATSIS and an adjunct research fellow at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies.


Scholarly books

  • Bamblett, L. (2013). Our Stories Are Our Survival: Cultural Continuity at Erambie Mission. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press.
  • Bamblett, L. (Ed.). (2008). Grand Corroborees: The Ideologies of the World’s Sporting Events. Sydney: McGraw-Hill.

Scholarly book chapters

  • Bamblett, L. (2008). ‘A Modern Day Corroboree? The Culture of the Annual NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Carnival’. In L, Bamblett (ed). Grand Corroborees: The Ideologies of the World’s Sporting Events. Sydney: McGraw-Hill.
  • Bamblett, L. (forthcoming). ‘Picture Who We Are: Representations of Identity and the Appropriation of Photographs Into a Wiradjuri Oral History Tradition’. In J. Lydon, L. Bamblett, D. Oxenham, J. Gogh, S. Braithwaite, & T. Gara (eds). Calling the Shots: Aboriginal Photographies. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press.

Refereed journal articles

  • Bamblett, L. (2011). ‘Straight-line Stories: Representations and Indigenous Australian Identities in the Sports Discourse,’ Australian Aboriginal Studies 2011/2: 5-20.


  • Bamblett, L. (2013). Read With Me Everyday: Community engagement and English Literacy Outcomes at Erambie Mission, Australian Aboriginal Studies (1).
  • Bamblett, L. (2012). Submission to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations review of the Budget Based Funding Program for non-mainstream early childhood and education care services.
  • Bambett, L. (2012). ‘Cootamundra’. Cowra Guardian, Friday February 24.
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  • Bamblett, L. (2011). ‘Real Men Read’. Cowra Guardian, Friday August 13.
  • Bamblett, L. (2011) Book Review: ‘Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, (Illustrated by M. Streich 2009, Allen & Unwin’ Australian Aboriginal Studies 2011/1: 105-106.
  • Bamblett, L. (2011). Book Review: ‘Shake a Leg (by Boori Monty Pryor with Jan Ormerod 2010, Allen & Unwin)’ Australian Aboriginal Studies 2011/1: 113-115.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). Submission to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority’s review of the draft history documents in the Australian Curriculum.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). Erambie Advancement Aboriginal Corporation Community Development Plan 2010-2015.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘4143’, Cowra Guardian, Friday December 3.
  • Bamblett, L (2010). Book Review: ‘Aboriginal Australians: a history since 1788, by Richard Broome (4th Edition, 2010, Allen & Unwin)’ Australian Aboriginal Studies 2010/2: 131-132
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Growing an Even Stronger Community’. Cowra Guardian, Friday Nov. 5.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Tell ‘em how muscly they are’. Cowra Guardian, Friday September 24
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Back in the day’. Cowra Guardian, Friday September 24.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Buggenj!’. Cowra Guardian, Friday September 10.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010. ‘Read this’. Cowra Guardian, Friday July 2.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘They just took them’. Cowra Guardian, Friday June 4.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Running with tradition’. Cowra Guardian, Friday April 9.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Mission ration blues’. Cowra Guardian, Friday April 9.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Take a thousand hours’. Cowra Guardian, Friday March 12.
  • Bamblett, L. (2010). ‘Read all about it: After a day reading together, Cowra’s Wiradjuri community is hooked on books’, Deadly Vibe, February: p. 15.
  • Bamblett, L. (2009). Mission style: Sport and cultural continuity on Erambie Mission. Unpublished PhD thesis. Charles Sturt University.
  • Bamblett, L. (2008). ‘Submission to the Aboriginal Education Strategy review at Charles Sturt University.
  • Bamblett, L. (2007). ‘Submission to the review of Aboriginal student services at Charles Sturt University’.
  • Bamblett, L. (2003). Poor Bugger Me: Aboriginal Over-representation in Sport. [unpublished honours thesis] Charles Sturt University.

Donna Bagnara

Donna Bagnara
Senior Project Manager(Legal), Native Title Research Unit Project Manager NTRB Knowledge Management Project, Native Title Research Unit.

Donna's grounding is in property law and equity and trust law, which she taught to undergraduates at Canberra University for six years. Donna also worked as a research officer to the Chief Magistrate and for various Tribunals and the Coroner’s Court in the ACT. Over the last couple of years, Donna has detoured into the world of identity security and is now employed in the Native Title Research unit at AIATSIS.

Stewart Sutherland

Research Fellow, AIATSIS Centre for Health and Wellbeing Board member of the National Stolen Generations Alliance.

Stewart Sutherland was born and raised in Wellington NSW the heart of Wiradjuri country. For over a decade he has worked in Indigenous health, in more recent years focusing on mental health particularly social emotional wellbeing of the Stolen Generations (people forcibly removed from their families) . Currently undertaking a PHD at the Australian National University Canberra, researching the interplay between reconciliation and the social emotional wellbeing of people forcibly removed from their families. Stewart is also an Indigenous Visiting Research Fellow at AIATSIS.

Current research focus

  • Transnational, forced removals and cultural identity trends.

Selected publications

  • Conference papers Identity, wellbeing and inter-generational trauma 

Dr Michael (Mick) Adams

Research Fellow, AIATSIS Centre for Health and Wellbeing Adjunct Professor, School Public Health, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Chief Investigator, DISCOVER-TT Project, Menzies School Health Research, Brisbane.

Dr Adams’ is a highly recognized and respected Elder within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. He is a descendent of the Yadhiagana people of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland having traditional family ties with the Grindji people of Central Western Northern Territory and extended family relationship with the people of the Torres Straits, Warlpiri (Yuendumu), and East Arnhem Land (Gurrumaru) communities.

For many years Dr Adams has been heavily involved nationally and locally in Indigenous advocacy and community health organizations, including during and after the completion of his PhD Dr Adams experience in developing and using appropriate methodologies for research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is well versed in using a range of culturally safe processes and protocols necessary to ensure a research project’s success. He has built a national reputation, credibility and standing as an advocate for improved health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Current research focus

  • Aboriginal male health and cancers.
  • emotional and social wellbeing.


  • Winner: 2006 Deadlys Award for Outstanding Achievement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.
  • Winner: Queensland University Technology 2010 Chancellor’s Outstanding Alumnus Award.
  • Winner: Queensland University Technology 2010 Faculty of Health Outstanding Alumnus Award.



Selected publications (last 5 years)

  •     Adams. M, de Kretser, D. Collins. V and Holden, C. 2013 Male reproductive health disorders among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men: a hidden problem? Medical Journal of Australia. 198 (1): 33–38
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  •     Roe, Yvette, Coffin, Juli, Fredericks, Bronwyn and Adams, Mick. 2010. Building Indigenous Research Capacity: A Personal Perspective. Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal Sept/October 34(5) 33-35.

Selected publications (older than 5 years)

  •     Adams, M. 2001 Thesis Paper ‘How Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men Care for their Health: An Ethnographic Study’ Master of Arts (Indigenous Research & Development), Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University of Technology.
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  •     Adams, M. (1997). Improving Men’s Health “Men are dragging the chain while women are leading the way”. Research Paper Bachelor Applied Science (Aboriginal Community Management & Development) Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University of Technology.
  •     Smith, B., Adams, M., & Burgen, D. (1990). “Where to Now” - Discussion Paper DSS Payment and Income Maintenance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Remote Communities. North Australian Development Unit, Darwin.

Toni Bauman

Toni Bauman
Senior Research Fellow, Indigenous Country and Governance, Governance and Public Policy.

Toni Bauman is an anthropologist, mediator, facilitator and trainer who has published widely and made presentations to a range of national and international audiences.

She has over thirty years’ experience in Indigenous matters including land and native title claims, consensus building, agreement-making, decision-making and dispute management processes, co-management of protected areas, government policy, program evaluation, feasibility studies, and governance training. Toni was the chief investigator for the Indigenous Facilitation and Mediation Project at AIATSIS and acted as adviser to the Federal Court project that produced the publication Solid work you mob are doing: case studies in Indigenous dispute resolution and conflict management in Australia (Federal Court of Australia, 2009). In 2011, Toni was appointed as a Research Affiliate at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and as a visiting scholar at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona.

Current research focus

  • Indigenous engagement, consensus-building, decision-making and dispute management processes.
  • the governance of the co-management of protected areas.

Board Member

  • Centre for Native Title Anthropology, Australian National University.
  • Australian Native Title Services, University of Adelaide.
  • Member, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra, ACT.
  • Fellow, Australian Anthropological Society.
  • Member Editorial Board, Australian Indigenous Law Review.

Selected Publications (last 5 years)

Selected publications (older than 5 years)

Pamela Faye McGrath

Pamela Faye McGrath

Pamela Faye McGrath is a Research Director at the National Native Title Tribunal and Emeritus President of the Australian Anthropological Society. Pamela has been involved with native title research and policy analysis for over fifteen years. Her most recent research projects have focused on the social impacts of native title, Indigenous cultural heritage regulation, and the management and return of native title information.