Matthew Storey

Matthew Storey is CEO of Native Title Services Victoria Ltd. NTSV represents Victorian Traditional Aboriginal Owners in claims under the Commonwealth’s Native Title Act and the Victorian Traditional Owners Settlement Act. He is also a Director and Executive Member of the National Native Title Council and a University Fellow at Charles Darwin University (CDU) in the Northern Territory (NT).

Prior to taking up the position as NTSV CEO in early 2012, Matthew lived in the NT for nearly 25 years. While there he worked primarily in the area of Aboriginal Land Rights for many years as a Senior Crown Law Officer with the Solicitor for the Northern Territory. He also worked as Associate Professor and Head of Law at CDU. He was President of the Law Society of the Northern Territory and a Director of the Law Council of Australia.

Dr Tom Jenkin

Tom Jenkin is the Manager Capacity Development at SANTS, where he has worked since 2005, and currently works with PBCs to assist them to manage native title and achieve their aspirations.

Tom has worked across a range of native title related matters including  reviewing the state-wide negotiation process, implementation initiatives, legislative and policy reviews, and heritage and caring for country projects. Tom is a geographer with interests in achieving just and sustainable outcomes through native title, including in the areas of cultural and natural resource management.

Justice Melissa Perry

Justice Melissa Perry

Justice Melissa Perry was appointed to the Federal Court of Australia in September 2013. After graduating from the University of Adelaide with Honours, Justice Perry was awarded an LL.M and PhD in public international law from the University of Cambridge. Her doctorate on state succession and boundaries was awarded the Yorke Prize. Justice Perry practised at the Bar from 1992 to 2013, being appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2004. Her Honour was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales in 2012.

Whilst at the Bar, Justice Perry’s areas of specialisation included native title law. She appeared in a number of landmark native title cases in the High Court including Wik, Ward, Yarmirr, Yorta Yorta and Akiba. Together with Stephen Lloyd SC, in 2003 she co-authored Australian Native Title Law, the second edition of which is currently in preparation.

Justice Perry serves on a number of professional bodies and is a Squadron Leader in the RAAF, Legal Specialist Reserves.

Robert Blowes

Robert Blowes SC is a barrister with over 30 years of full-time experience in representing Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders in the preparation, litigation, negotiation and mediation of their claims to and concerning their use of land and waters in many parts of Australia.

Michael Meegan

Principal Legal Officer of Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (YMAC).

Michael Meegan is the Principal Legal Officer of Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (YMAC). Michael has been part of a strategic team which has overseen critical strategic and native title developments within YMAC. Michael has overseen major future act negotiations which have been ongoing for several years in the Pilbara and resulted in comprehensive agreements for native title claimants for the next 50 to 70 years.

Michael has also managed the Pilbara Connection Project, arguably the most intense native title connection project of its kind in Australia, which seeks to gain recognition of native title for Traditional Owners. Michael has maintained a long term interest in mediation and other forms of conflict resolution and has combined that learning with more contemporary thinking relating to transforming conflict.

Michael has incorporated “Open Space Technology” and Emergent Design into the management of his legal unit and as part of the executive team of YMAC. This work has extended to working with YMAC clients where these concepts are used to assist Traditional Owners to manage conflict collaboratively. All this work has had a profound effect on Michael’s work in striving to collaborative leadership in a highly complex working environment.

Victor Ashwin

Victor lives in Wiluna, is a director of MNR and a strong voice for the three PBCs he is a member of. “Our people have to step up and run things for ourselves, my goal is to see all our young people take over the administration of the PBC.'


Ian Kealley

Ian Kealley is Regional Manager for the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) Goldfields Region, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

He has a BSc (Forestry) degree from the Australian National University. He has worked for 35 years in forestry and land management including 30 years in Kalgoorlie as regional manager for the department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) then Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and now Department of Parks andWildlife (DPaW).

He has a long term involvement in conservation reserve and land management in the rangelands and deserts and has been involved in consultative, cooperative and joint management projects with Aboriginal people from the Gibson Desert, Martu People at Wiluna, Spinifex People at Tjuntjuntjara and in the Goldfields area around Kalgoorlie.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas is General Manager of Central Desert’s Land and Community program. With a degree in environmental science, Rob worked for 22 years in a variety of natural resource management and Indigenous affairs roles within the private sector and WA state public sector and WA state public service before joining Central Desert in 2009.

Lindsey Langford

Lindsey Langford grew up in Alice Springs and has spent a large part of his life travelling in the desert environment and working with its people. He has worked at Ngaanyatjarra Council and the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council as a research anthropologist. In the past five years he has worked on various land management projects with Central Desert, where he is Operations Manager, Land and Community.

Hema Hariharan

Hema Hariharan, NTSCORP (Native Title Year in Review, Wednesday 4 June 2014)
Manager Strategic Development.

Hema Hariharan was appointed Manager Strategic Development in February 2011, having returned to NTSCORP to manage the newly formed Strategic Development Unit. Hema originally joined NTSCORP in 2007 as a native title claims solicitor in the law firm funded by NTSCORP. She has previously worked in the Kimberley region in Western Australia as a Future Acts solicitor for the Kimberley Land Council dealing specifically in mining and exploration related matters. Hema has significant experience negotiating mineral, hard rock, petroleum and gas exploration, heritage protection and native title agreements as well as resource extraction agreements throughout the Kimberley. Prior to working in native title, Hema worked for the Nielsen Company in Sydney.