Mr Dean Freeman

Aboriginal Fire Management Officer
Dean is a Wiradjuri man through both parents from Brungle Aboriginal Reserve, located at the Northern foothills of Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, with strong cultural and familial links to the Canberra region through his Father. Dean is the Aboriginal Cultural Fire Officer within the Fire Management Unit of ACT Parks and Conservation Services. Throughout his career, Dean has been involved with protecting both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage sites on and off various parks estates. Protecting cultural sites as well as fighting fire on Country is part of Dean’s lifelong cultural and familial obligations. Dean is considered a leader throughout the community through his dedication to Aboriginal cultural heritage and his knowledge of fire in the landscape. He is passionate about applying both his formal western scientific training and traditional knowledge of Country through his position with ACT Parks and Conservations Services. Dean has and continues to be a significant driver in the success of the ACT Aboriginal Cultural Fire Initiative.