Dr Virginia Marshall

Principal, Triple Bl Legal

Dr Virginia Marshall is the leading legal scholar on Aboriginal water rights and interests in Australia. Recognised by the University of Victoria, Canada as their 2018 Distinguished Woman Scholar. Awarded the WEH Stanner Prize for her doctoral thesis, which is the ground-breaking book 'Overturning aqua nullius: Securing Aboriginal water rights'. Virginia is the inaugural Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian National University, School of Regulation & Global Governance and the Fenner School of Environment & Society. She is a practising lawyer and former Senior Legal Officer with the Australian Law Reform Commission, served on national policy roundtables and authored peer-reviewed publications. Her postdoctoral research focuses on drawing on an international comparative analysis of Indigenous water rights regimes in Canada, New Zealand and Hawaii to help secure an Indigenous water rights framework for Australia which is informed by traditional knowledge and furthers economic and cultural water rights.