Where to get help

Join a writers’ group. There are writing centres in most states and territories.

Reworking your thesis for book publication is no easy undertaking and getting published requires perseverance. Hopefully this guide has given you some practical advice about how and where to start, and a brief introduction to the publishing process. We welcome your feedback on this guide and encourage you to think about submitting your reworked manuscript to us for consideration.

The AIATSIS Stanner award is one way in which AIATSIS supports the publication of research by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars. The 2019 Stanner Award is now open — see here for details. The award is given every two years and includes a $5000 cash prize, a glass eel-trap sculpture by award winning artist Jennifer Martinello, publication by ASP and fifty hours of mentoring support to rework the thesis for book publication.

Last reviewed: 2 Jul 2020