Marketing and promotion

The publishing process doesn't end with the release of your book. Whilst your publisher would have begun advance marketing months prior to publication, the big push doesn't happen till the time of release – there's not much point in doing a promotional campaign if the book isn't available.

ASP will ask authors to complete an author promotion form when the manuscript has been accepted for publication. The information you provide here helps with developing the marketing and publicity plan. It includes information such as key features of the book, potential criticism, possible course use, academic or professional societies that you belong to or who ASP should include in its promotional campaigns, and a list of relevant journals to seek reviews.

Depending on the type of book, marketing and promotion activities may include some or all of the following: social media campaign, blog posts, e-flyers, e-signature, newsletters, catalogues, select advertising, media release, interviews, media and journal reviews, inspection copies to teaching academics, and a book launch.

"Sometimes authors are the best promoters so if you've already got an active social media profile make sure you draw on that."


  • Keep it to around 500 words.
  • Keep it conversational.
  • Include images or links to videos where possible (ensuring appropriate clearances are in place).


Last reviewed: 6 Nov 2018