pMS 3056

The James Hay Downing collection
Alice Springs 1979


Open access - Depositor's permission not required for quotation or copying - A1/B5.

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Date range:  1979

Extent:  1 pamphlet. 4 items, typescript (photocopy) and newsprint (photocopy).

Correspondence, newspaper clippings and reports concerning relations between the Lake Nash Aboriginal community and King Ranch Texas, Alice Springs, etc., N.T., 1979.

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  1. Correspondence, April-May 1979, 9 letters.
  2. Reports and papers -
  1. Report on visit to Lake Nash by Irwin [Erwin] Chlanda, David Richards, Colin Tatz, Margaret Mary Turner and Rev. Jim Downing, 25 April 1979. [4] 1eaves
  2. Report on meeting between government officials and Lake Nash Aborigines, 19 May 1979, [2] 1eaves
  3. Report - trip to Lake Nash 18-19 May 1979, by Jim Downing (I.A.D.), Brian Ede (C.A.A.C.), Colin Tatz and Ross Howie, [6] 1eaves
  4. Lake Nash Saga, by Rev. Jim Downing, [8] 1eaves
  1. Statement by Lake Nash Aborigines, 9 June 1979, [1] 1eaves
  2. Newsclippings, [10] leaves

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