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Torres Strait Islander Timeline

The Torres Strait Islander Timeline is a native title and governance resource designed to be used by Prescribed Bodies Corporate and Educational Institutions in the Torres Strait.

The timeline is the result of a shared history exercise undertaken at the first meeting held between TSRA board members and chairs of the Native Title Bodies of the Torres Strait in June 2009. The participants broke into five small groups and were provided with a large poster and pens.  The groups were given one hour to record a timeline of governance and native title in the Torres Strait.  They were asked to include events and what they meant to them, including events of personal significance.

The exercise opened up a dialogue on the governance of the Torres Strait and the struggle for self determination against the impact of colonial institutions.  This prompted a critical reflection for the group on whether the current institutions are in fact appropriate to the needs of the peoples of the region, given their nature as outside or imposed models.


Click on the image below to download the Torres Strait Islander Timeline.

TSI Timeline