Yawuru Prescribed Body Corporate

Yawuru PBC logoThe Yawuru people are the native title holders of the lands and waters in and around Broome, including Roebuck Plains and Thangoo pastoral leases and the Nagalagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park. Nyamba Buru Yawuru is the corporate entity which drives the economic prosperity for the Yawuru community, runs community development programs, land management and projects that revitalise and share Yawuru heritage. NBY also ensures that the Yawuru community supports individual and family aspirations while being firmly rooted in the Bugarrigarra so that customary law and practice is a living part of family life and celebration. While Yawuru is a dynamic and progressive corporate entity, everything we do is rooted in a common purpose that reflects Yawuru mabu liyan (positive wellbeing). Liyan is at the heart of Yawuru’s endeavours and ensures the Yawuru community is welcoming and embodies traditional Broome values of inclusiveness, hospitality and friendship.

Last reviewed: 8 Jan 2018